Managing Partner RPAS Pilot
Brief info

With 16 years of television production within North America.

Ryan has been at the forefront of change, by being a part of the evolution of camera and lighting equipment.

He has an intermediate understanding of technical processes & post-production needs.

Ryan’s reputation in the TV industry for being able to tell a story with a calm attitude. ensures he is always welcomed on set.

With understanding the clients needs and wants by delivering a quality product, Ryan has been a part of many different types of productions.

Known for his positive energy, he has been able to gain a loyal following in the TV production industry.

Ryan’s most valuable strength is the ability to adapt quickly to new & changing environments.

Understanding the always evolving technical side of production and seeing an opportunity as there is a lack of qualified pilots.

He wanted to expand his portfolio and offer an added value skills by offering trusted RPAS services.

Cinefix, Proper Television, Architect Films, Insight Productions

Good Human Productions, Holmes Group, Marble Media, Discovery Network, CBC, CTV, HGTV
DIY Network, Food Network, Bristol Media


Property Brothers, Property Virgins, Unsellables, House Hunters International, Canada’s Worst Driver, Come Dine with Me Canada, Masterchef Canada, Four Weddings, The Big Bake, Chocolate Masters, Firemasters, Big Brother Canada, The Launch, Top Chef Canada, Bachelor Canada, Holmes on Holmes, Holme & Holmes, Holmes Makes It Right, Holmes the Next Generation, Blow Away, All Around Champion, Real Housewives of Toronto, Hockey Wives

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