Using drones is becoming industry standard at a rapid pace for use as tools in the field. Combined with the proper software, technique and experience there are several applications that often surprise our clients in terms of budget, time to delivery and quality of work. Having a permanent record for future comparison and being able to accurately measure large areas help a great deal when planning projects small or large. A traditional survey that would normally take weeks can now be reduced to hours, we are able to supply engineers and architects with data as accurate as 10mm within 3cm on the planet.

Safety is key, for instance a concrete inspection of a large structure no longer requires swing stages or rope access and costly insurance unless of course samples of said concrete are required.

Sand and gravel pits still use traditional methods to calculate volume of their stock of different aggregates and we are able to verify against the data they acquire to ensure the government they are paying the appropriate amount of taxes on materials.

Planning and development of anything from roadways, city parks, nature trails or construction projects is major considering our data can be imported directly to AutoCAD so costly mistakes can be avoided from the beginning. Being able to monitor the progress of a construction project and again, retaining a permanent record of different stages can be used as proof that work was done correctly and everything is where it was supposed to be.

  • Building/Infrastructure Inspection
  • Aggregate Volume Measurements
  • *Mining Exploration
  • Planning and Development
  • Construction Monitoring

By utilizing our drones to their maximum potential we are able to offer services that in our area were generally very expensive due to having to use manned aircraft. We can get results quicker, safer and with much greater detail than traditional methods. Combined with survey equipment our drones become highly effective and accurate measurement tools that can be used accross many different applications.

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