Structural Inspection

Professional Drone Inspection Solutions

Many drone companies offer inspection services, few provide a deliverable like we do. We’ve partnered with a software developer that allows us to help put meaning to the data we capture. The process is simple.


BlueVu allows you to easily generate professional drone inspection reports. The software delivers faster and better insights into your assets by using an image optimization engine that automatically organizes, analyzes and selects the best inspection images and viewpoints.

Annotate Anomalies Within Inspection Images

Creating a customized database for structuring, recording and digitizing any types of anomalies (rust, hot spots, cracks, etc) directly from UAV images.

Take Accurate Measurement.

We understand that taking measurements directly within the image is important to your drone inspection projects. We use BlueVu to help you take measurements within your 2D imagery.

Both Visual & Thermal

You can inspect certain anomalies only on thermal images. We use BlueVu for you to conveniently inspect your asset.